Double elimination complete

The wind finally dropped today to a less hectic 30knots for the morning and less again by the afternoon.  The rest of the comeptition was complete and Aaron stayed in a world of his own and came out on top!!!

The Uk folk Sam Light (Naish) and Robin Snuggs (Flexifoil) were unfortunately drawn against each other.  Sam was on the case and landed various air handle passes including blind judges, Slim chances, 313\’s and some big kite loops.  He held the edge over the flexi rider and passed into the next round.  Here Sam had a stroke of luck and had passed to compete against Youri Zoon (Slingshot) but with Youri still out of the contest after his injury in the Dominican Republic Sam passed through once again.  It was not until the 3rd round that he was knocked out of the competition but respectably held a 13th place.

In the womens it was a similar story.  The two Brits Helen Thompson (North) and Jo Wilson (Naish) were drawn against each other.  Jo had more moves on both tacs and answered Helen\’s unhooked down loops with some of her own. However at the end of the heat Jo had to be taken to hospital after a wipeout that knocked a badly infected spider bite  causing her mega pain.  Within in 2 hours they got her to hospital put her through some remarkable amounts of pain before relieving it all again with pain killers then got her back to the beach 5 minutes before the start of her next heat.  High on adrenalin Jo then went on to advance to 6th place against Angela Peral (North) who had previously knocked out Uks\’ Johara Sykes Davis (Flexifoil) in the previous round.  Jo\’s adrenalin soon turned into tiredness and she was not able to match the techincal ability of Victoria Boesko (North).

For the rest of the men\’s heats it was really Kevin Langeree\’s (Naish) day.  He passed through 6 more heats with an array of techinical tricks that could not be matched by anyone – not even Ruben Lenten until he reached the final.  In teh final Aaron had some new shiny silver pants on that caught the bright sunlight in every rotation he did.  He dazzled away and stopped Kevin in his tracks at a very excellent 2nd place.


1st Aaron Hadlow (Flexifoil)

2nd Kevin Langeree (Naish)

3rd Ruben Lenten (Slingshot)

4th Mallory Delavillemarque (North)

5th Nik Jacobson (Slingshot)

1st Gizella Pulido (Slingshot)

2nd Bruna Kajyia (Best)

3rd Ania Grzelinska (North)

4th Victoria Boesko (North)

Day 3

The needle of the wind meter is pinned past its maximum of 60 knots on a regular basis… …only now its held in place for longer periods of time so its less gusty.  Well after an afternoon and morning of watching a sea of white caps it appears to become to much and around 3pm this afternoon the decision was made to continue with the contest.  The only people on the water aside from a couple of windsurfers out on 2.9m sails were the English crew (Johara Sykes Davies, Helen Thompson, Sam Light and Robin Snuggs) who were taking it in turns to bomb around on a 3m Flexifoil kite.  They were called of the water and the single elimination kicked off from where it left off.  Yesterday I told you about Ruben Lentens heat that was called off in the last minute – well the decision came that the heat wouldn’t have to be re-run.  Ruben had blatently won the heat by a mile and with the agreement of his oponent Alvaro Onieva (Best) they counted the heat as complete and Ruben won.


There were 6 heats left for the men which were on back to back. First up was Cesar Portas (North) against Nik Jacobson (Slingshot) followed by Mallory Delavillemarque (North) and Kevin Langeree (Naish).  Nik and Cesar were on 7m’s but well overpowered.  Between them they landed a handlful of kite loops and nothing else.  Nik went bigger so went through.  In the next heat Kevin took a 4.5m Torch 3 and Mallory a 5m.  This appeared better and this time each rider pulled off approximately 5 handle passes.  It was a super close heat but Mallory opted for the more inverted handle passes like mobe, kgb and slim chance while Kevin went for the flat passes such as flat 3, 313 and blind judge.  Mallory won in a 2-3 judge decision probably for variation.


From here Nik and Mallory were up against Ruben and Aaron respectively.  Both Ruben and Aaron were clearly having fun on the water and Nik appeared out of moves from such strong wind.  Ruben went huge and did some Lenten style kite loops against Nik, but his kite hit the deck and exploded on impact in the final couple of minutes.  However Ruben’s power in the previous heats was far passed what Jacobson could produce and it was no matter that his kite went down as Ruben still passed the heat.  In the other semi Aaron was having an amazing time looping his kite 3 times in one jump keeping him off the water for several second while clearing a lot of ground.  He even managed a enormous kite loop handle pass – still the only person to pull one off in the competition in the passed few days.  Aaron was coming into land just as a mega gust hit in excess of 60 knots and the bar was pulled from his hands!  It counted none the less because he had made the move and it was super high risk and as such Aaron easily made the final to be against Ruben.


The final was an immense display.  On the starter button both riders busted an enormous kite loop at exactly the same time and both covered the majority of the competition area and landed with only small butt checks.  It was blatently head to head.  Ruben took the big and powered kite loop technique plus a huge sent handle pass wowing the crowds who were munching on a dinner of sand and storing pretty sand castles in every orifice.  Aaron on the other hand seemed to know that Rubens kite loops were bigger then his so Aaron took on a mix of big and powerful and low and technical.  Aaron in these 60 knot gusts made yet another kite loop handle pass with a hell hard landing plus back mobe, s bend pass and blind judge.  It was an amzing display of kitesurfing in conditions that seemed impossible and a joy to watch.


The girls were sent out after the men.  They also had 5m kites to ride on, but in the final heats they handled it well.  The final again was the best heat of the day for the girls seeing once again Bruna Kajiya (Best) and Gizella Pulido (Slingshot) against each other.  There was a mix of old school and new school, but Bruna finished the heat with an s bend pass and a blind judge.  Gizella crashed her air handle passes, but did andswer with a couple of fair size kite loops and a railey to blind, but it was not enough to take the edge off Bruna.


Tomorrow the wind is forecasted to be slightly less thankfully and the competition will continue with the double eliminations.  I’ll keep you posted on how the rest of the Brits get on.  For now here are the results of the top 4 after the single elimination


1st Aaron Hadlow (Flexifoil)

2nd Ruben Lenten (Slingshot)

3rd Mallory Delavillemarque (North)

4th Nik Jacobson (Slingshot)



1st Bruna Kajiya (Best)

2nd Gizella Pulido (Slingshot)

3rd Ania Grzelinska (North)

4th Kari Schivebaag (Ozone)

Photo Credit: Jo Wilson (Naish/Protest)


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